[SOLVED] Anim not changing animation via setBoolean

Hello and thanks to anyone who gives this time! We’re rather interested in PlayCanvas, but seem to be getting stumped pretty early on in trying to get a model to animate between two animations.

At any rate, I’ve forked the Anim Blending tutorial, swapped out our model and animations (or poses, rather: one frame animations, which may be the issue?), hoping Anim would be able to blend between the two… but no such luck it seems? Whatever animation we set for the initial state gets applied without issue, but we can’t seem to get a second animation to fire via setBoolean no matter what we’ve tried:

We’re tried several settings for the root bone attribute as well but no luck. Any thoughts or solutions would be much appreciated!

And keep up the great work everyone, at any rate. If we can get a few things figured out, we very much look forward to shifting all of our operations over to PlayCanvas :slight_smile:

Hi @Nometa and welcome! I checked your project and found that the problem here is the Exit Time of 1. If you remove this on both transitions, your animation will work as expected. To get a smooth transition you can adjust the Duration of the transitions.


Thanks much @Albertos! That did the trick, and everything is working exactly how we’d expect it to now. I suppose the “animations” only being a single frame caused it to never reach the “Exit” time? We’ll keep this in mind for future reference at any rate! Thanks again :grin:

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Good question for @Elliott. Thanks!

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