[SOLVED] Adding models won’t work

i cant add any models (fbx) into my game, it load into the panel but i cant move it onto the other panel or into the game so im stuck and cant make any game and i also can’t find any of the models i need

Hi @Aydin_Lassiter and welcome! Can you show a screenshot or share a link of your project please?

in the image i imported the file but when i try to drag the file into the left panel it doesn’t let me

there is the game link:

That’s a ZIP file. Your FBX file is inside the ZIP file. You first need to unzip the file. You can use for example a program like WinZip or WinRar for that.

im on chromebook so any alternatives for them?

I added the fbx file (finally) and now i have the fbx file but i cant seem to add the model into my game, also sorry about all the trouble

No problem. You need to use the file with the name ‘sonic’ that is in your asset panel.

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Thank you so much for the help, have a good day

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