[SOLVED] 3D Screen elements appeaing over 2D screen elements

I have a bit of a weird issue here. I’m now having to put some graphics in 3D space, so can can animate them.

For some reason, the 3D screen that I placed in scene will render certain elements over the ones of my 2D screen. The 3D screen is, of course, not in Screen Space. It’s strange that it is only certain parts bleed through my 2D screen.

I noticed that adding 18 group elements to my UI Screen finally moved all of the 3D screen elements behind the 2D screen, but I know that can’t be the right way to solve this…

So I started messing around with layers, and switched all of the 3D Screen elements to World instead of UI. That worked until it came to my elements with radial masks that immediately stopped working.

I know that 2D screens render based on the order in the hierarchy, but my entire 2D screen is below the entire 3D screen in the hierarchy… I think it’s best I reach out for help.

Any ideas where I went wrong?

It’s does sound like a layers issue with the 3D screen should be on a world or layer below the UI layer.

I’ve not tried masking on a 3D screen before so it’s possible there’s a bug there.

Are you able to create a reproducible project?

Hi @yaustar!

I will try to put something smaller together. In the meantime, I added you to the project if you wouldn’t mind taking a look!

edit: I should probably mention that the scene in question is “Command Center”

Good news!

It was indeed an issue with the layers. The only strange thing is that I had to rebuild my mask material, and recreate the entities that were being masked for them to work, even after multiple refreshes.

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