[SOLVED] 2 same scripts on 2 objects

Hello humanity, I created a script which changes the position of certain object on trigger enter, im trying to change the position of object in different part of map. I put the script on the object with collision on, exactly there are 2 same objects with collision and the script but each has different position to set. When i hit the collision of first object the position of the target object is changed, but when i hit second collision my position of the target object remains the same and never changed. I used events and attributes to work with

Here is a code that is attached to object with collision(the place i fire events from):

And here is initialization of the events:

those are just peeks of code, not full but other part has nothing to do with this events, I also unsubscribed to those events.

UPDATE: dont try to solve, i might have mistaken- its probably working and im just setting wrong positions

EDIT: yes, it was like that, you can delete this post.