Slow loading problem with game

Hello, today some guy in a forum when i asked to try Kallen Supremacy reported a time of 10 minutes to load the game and also made this file har … beside that i don’t know what a file har is :stuck_out_tongue: is it possible a so slow loading time? Thanks guys.

Is his internet “fine”? And you haven’t shared link to your project that takes long to load.
Simple rule - keep your game small as possible, trying to keep initial download size under 10mb, ideally under 4mb. Perfect case 1mb initial download, and show something, and async stream rest of assets as needed - is the way to ensure loading is fast for your projects.

Sorry this is the project
and this is the start link
the total project is around 50mb but 10mins with adsl seems really too much. (that’s was reported by some guys in a forum also if another one just needed 1 min with fiber) I usually need around 1 min with a adsl or 4g connection.Ehm how do i do async stream?

50mb is waaay to much for web game. And around 400+ requests (to assets etc). If he has latency of lets say 300ms to Ireland, then it will take long to download as browser wont be able to handle too many requests simultaneously, and will wait while some finish.

So you need to minimize number of requests - load what only needed, combine some textures in atlases, etc.
And need to ensure only needed initial data is loaded. This is done by using preload flag and assets loading features. There is a tutorial with assets async loading.

ok @max i will search for that tutorial and will do as you suggest. Thanks.

Anyway seems the slow loading problem was just a temporary thing today it’s back to normal. Already started to apply your suggestion anyway @max

Another question, actually i have used tree models around the perimeter of my location to avoid falling and to avoid an empty uncrossable space. If i fake a forest using 2d images? will that be more fast for loading and rendering as well?

Nevermind the forest for now, i removed the preload from some entity, material, texture, and things became awful, for example the stairs that bring out of dungeon by clicking on them, now the player goes through and the collision don’t work, i think the rigidbody is gone, am i missing something? or is that an issue? Thanks

Unticking the preload from material/texture shouldn’t affect the rigidbody. You may want to recheck any other changes you may have made in that area/code/scene.

@yaustar it’s the preload of the model, that caused the problem, i have checked it again and everything got back to normal, maybe is because the collision is mesh also if i don’t get why the door (that was the same) haven’t the same issue, maybe coz the rigidbody wasn’t kinematic(as stairs) but dynamic. I think the PC crew should investigate this issue. @will unless there is a tecnical reason for that :slight_smile:

Check that there are no errors in loading.
You can do it with tools such as firebugs or other browser tools.
I had the loading time increased by 20 seconds only because the program made a request, but it waited 20 seconds before it had a negative response

Really in loading there are some errors and i’m not able to get rid of those ‘sigh’ will work on that