Slow Launch Due to FBX File?

Hi there,

I’ve imported a lighting rig as an FBX file and now my launch time is lagging.

Is it my 3D file? Do I need to reduce the poly count?

Just want to get this working more quickly before I introduce all the scripts.


Hi @khmcneil,

On my browser it looks like the biggest factor in launching the page was the download of this >200mb video that gets preloaded before the app starts:

Looking at the model of the light rig, 10k poly’s isn’t all that much. If you don’t preload the video, does your launch time improve?


Ah! That makes sense… how would I load it in the background?

Hi @khmcneil,

Select your video asset and uncheck preload on the inspector panel. The video will start loading after the app boots, as soon as it’s requested by your code.


Hi @khmcneil,

In addition to @Leonidas advice, another option would be slightly modifying your video button script to accept URL arguments. That way you could host the video elsewhere, keep precious space in Playcanvas open, and ultimately have smaller builds.

Check out this project:

to give you some ideas.

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Thank you so much @Leonidas ! I’ve unticked preload and reduced the file size of that video. Much quicker load time now.

@eproasim that would be ideal. I think this video is on vimeo. I’ll try and tweak the YouTube script to get it to work.

Thanks again!

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If it’s a vimeo video to get a direct link for loading I think you may need to have a paid vimeo account.

Thanks, I think this particular artist does. However, this whole project is an example for students to copy and use for their work… maybe I’ll stick with video files under 80mb & not preloaded.

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