Skyboxes broken on mobile with the current engine (1.51.5)

Here’s what skybox based lighting looked like on mobile in 1.51.5:

And here’s the same scene in 1.50.2:

Are you able to share the scene/project?

Sure, I switched it to be public: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

It’s just the standard ‘Model Viewer Starter Kit’ template with a sphere primitive replacing the Playcanvas ‘cube’.

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Oh wow it works fine on desktop/android/ios12, but I managed to reproduce the issue on a v15 simulator. Will looking into this asap. Thanks for reporting @radams.


Veeeery odd.

Data point: I’ve tried my iPhone 8 on iOS 15 and multiple devices on browserstack and they all render fine.

Confirmed from me too. iphone 8 running 15.3 doesn’t display the issue. @radams which device are you seeing the issue on please?

…actually it’s not happening on iphone 11 simulator anymore.

Has anything changed in the example scene you linked to @radams? Can you still reproduce the issue?

My macos actually did an update earlier. Not sure what software was updated, but could have been Safari. Perhaps that’s the reason I no longer see the issue in simulator.

If we’re unable to reproduce the issue then it’ll be impossible for us to fix. (Though right now I would guess this is a Safari issue rather than PlayCanavas one).

Hi @slimbuck Interesting, I am still able to reproduce it in both Safari and Chrome on an iPhone X running iOS 13. Perhaps it’s just that specific configuration.

Here’s Safari:

And here’s Chrome:

But the skybox works correctly if I create the builds using the previous version of the engine (1.50.2)

Sorry, iOS 13? Is it only iOS 13 devices that are affected?

Confirmed on browserstack that it happens on iOS13 , iPhone 11

iOS 14 seems fine though on my XR device

I managed to repro the issue on ios 13.

It seems just safari version 13 doesn’t like being given Uint8ClampedArray texture data.

Uint8Array data works fine. So I’ll have to test whether Uint8Array works more broadly.

I’ve submitted which should fix this issue. The fix should go out with engine v1.52.

I’m having this issue with a skybox on iOS 16. Works fine on Chrome on desktop, broken on iOS.

Would you have any repro of this?
Could you please create an issue here: Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Just made a github issue: Skybox rendering incorrectly on iOS · Issue #5075 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

Here’s a repro project: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine