Skybox mip blur on material

I’m just setting up a scene and as part of the ‘look’ I really love the blurred reflection I can get using a higher numbered MIP in the lightbox settings, under the main rendering settings. However I think i’m going to need to use my cubemap directly on the materials (mainly because i don’t want to show it in the background)

Is there a way to adjust the MIP of a cubemap when applied to a material’s environment slot, to get the same blurry reflection?

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I’d like to know this too!
I thought it was automatic when you changed your specular settings, but it would be nice to dial this in.

Hello, thank you for your reply.

So I need to have my cubemap, make sure i delete the prefilter. Add the cubemap to the environment slot and up the reflective amount. The under specular change this to something below 100 and the cubemap should blur off in relation to the amount below 100 i go??

Trouble is this doesn’t seem to work in my scene, the cubemap just stays sharp! and reducing the glossiness simply reduces the visible reflection

Actually i just figured it out, i need to set the glossiness setting to what i want - then redo the prefilter on the cubemap. ahhhhh! :slight_smile: