Simple movement with rotation. Why so hard?

So I have this project where I want to rotate rigidly like perfect 90 degree turns.

So I got that to work, then I wanted to move the position of my entity rigidly as well like set position x+2.

But when I decide to turn after I’ve moved forward for example, it will rotate from the original position that I started in when the game starts.

I have no clue why this is happening since I figured LOCAL euler angles would affect it LOCALLY. But nope. I tried with out local, and still working weird.

I tried rigid body teleport too, and nope.

And it’s important that I do this, because for some reason the trigger volumes don’t trigger with other trigger volumes when using ‘tags.has(‘player’)’ if there isn’t a dynamic rigid body attached.

Other wise I’d use some translateLocal and rotateLocal because it’s way more intuitive. Infact if there is another way to have trigger volumes interact with other entities with specific tags without using any physics that is ideal.

anyways here is my project. It’s pretty simple.

Nevermind I know what I have done wrong. Fixing it now.