Should I make my project private to become non-duplicated content suitable for ads publisher?

My project is Mound Simulator, which I published on both the Playcanvas platform and my domain called Both versions of a game are identical.

I tried to register my website in the Google Adsense program, but the program supervisor rejects my request probably due to various reasons, such as an insignificant amount of traffic. I assumed that another one of those reasons would be related to the identical duplicates in both my website and Playcanvas since it seems it violates the following standard suggested in Google Webmaster Guidelines:

Make certain that there’s no duplicate content

As stated in the Google Publisher Policies , Google ads may not be placed on sites with scraped or copyrighted content . Some examples of scraping sites include:

  • Sites that copy and republish content from other sites without adding any original content or value
  • Sites that copy content from other sites, modify it slightly (for example, by substituting synonyms or using automated techniques ), and republish it
  • Sites dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from other sites without substantial added value to the user

From Google AdSense content and user experience - Google AdSense Help

If I upload the file onto the from the Playcanvas editor, two copies of content will exist simultaneously in web space; hence the traffics for that content will be dispersed and become disruptive to monetize.

Should I make my project private for advertising monetization to concentrate the traffics on the appropriate destination, either Playcanvas or my domain?

Hello Heein_Park!

As it would seem, you should do you but if you really want to you can or do need to make your project private for advertising monetization to concentrate the traffics on the appropriate destination.

The guidelines quoted is not about having two or more copies of your game on different sites. It’s talking about sites that copy content illegally from other sites. For example, copying answers from stackoverflow, images from Pinterest etc.

Thank you for replying to this discussion.
I got your point as Google’s guideline is irrelevant for this case.

However, I have to change my curiosity about the dual publication on both Playcanvas and third-party platforms as it will eventually disadvantage web monetization.

Is it just a best practice to make the project private or host the project via Playcanvas platform?

Probably private. Although PlayCanvas can handle the load, you may want other features such as CDN that we don’t provide at this time.