'Sharing project' not working

Have tried to share my project with 3 different email-addresses/users … none works?

What do you mean by ‘sharing’?
Do you get any errors?
Is it a private or public project?
What type of account do you have and what account types are you sharing to?

Screenshots/GIFs/videos will help a lot here.

[issue solved, so I edited the photo away afterwards]

Have tried both ‘private’ (check box chosen) and non private (check box unchecked)

No errors apart from not getting email that project isn’t shared

Ok found out that one of the users have to be a playcanvas-user (initially I read ‘users’ as wider deifined). Works to a certain degree although I also needed to open the editor on a mobile (guess not possible, after some tries (?))

Not really, I only use the mobile for testing with the launcher URL