Shared scripts and settings on multiple self-hosted projects

Hi! I’m preparing setup for multiple viewer projects for my client. I will have a model plus some markers setup per project, and then common scripts and settings that I would like to have in one place, and have projects reference those files.
Is it possible to do using Playcanvas?
For example, have global scene settings, be able to change camera movement speed for all projects at the same time and so on.

I would be gratefull for some ideas.

A project can’t reference another project’s files or settings.

In this case, I can think of a couple of approaches:

  1. Use PlayCanvas version control. Master will have your core library and values set up. Then branch off master for each viewer ‘project’ so that each branch has it’s own set of assets specific for that branch. As you make changes to the logic and values of the core library, merge master to the branches.

  2. Copy and paste of assets between projects is coming very soon. This will make it easier to share core library files between projects. You can have a json settings file for the values that need to be consistent between projects and copy that across the different projects.

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