Shader Chunk to access uv1?

I have a custom shader that uses a couple of extra maps, but I can’t find out how to use uv1 for some texture lookups (the main material is using uv0). Do I need to add a chunk? I tried switching some of the built in maps to use uv1 but although I have seen the $UV variable change what it gets converted to, I can’t make it work.

Also - is there a way to see the generated shader without triggering an error?



Hi @brucewheaton,

Take a look at this for adding the UV1 coords in the shader:

To see the shader compiled for a material, you can find it here:


Wow. My google kung fu was having a bad day apparently. I’ll try that, thanks.

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I’m having mixed results with that, but not enough to give up… Sometimes uv1 doesn’t get made, and it seems that touching the lightmap is switching lighting to the lightmapper, which I may not want.

But I do think I’m trying to use the wrong chunk…
I’m replacing diffuseTexPS and that is giving me control of UV sampling of the diffuse map, which is great, but I want to access the shaded (lit or shadowed) color and the names are tough. Any clue on which chunk @Leonidas?

My current goal is to use a diffusecolor and then apply shading as if by pencil on top, so I need to know what color the fragment is going to be after lighting etc. Maybe make a tonemapper?

So, studying your generated this.material._shader.definition.fshader;, you can find the order at which your specific material is being shaded. The shader main method will look something like this:

void main(void) {
	dDiffuseLight = vec3(0);
	dSpecularLight = vec3(0);
	dReflection = vec4(0);
	dSpecularity = vec3(0);

	ccSpecularLight = vec3(0);
	ccReflection = vec4(0);
	ccSpecularity = vec3(0);
   dVertexNormalW = vNormalW;
   dAlpha = 1.0;
   dLightDirNormW = light0_direction;
   dAtten = 1.0;
	   dAtten *= getLightDiffuse();
	   dAtten *= getShadowVSM16VS(light0_shadowMap, light0_shadowParams, 5.54);
	   dDiffuseLight += dAtten * light0_color;
	   dAtten *= getLightSpecular();
	   dSpecularLight += dAtten * light0_color;

	gl_FragColor.rgb = combineColorCC();
	gl_FragColor.rgb = combineColor();

	gl_FragColor.rgb += getEmission();
	gl_FragColor.rgb = addFog(gl_FragColor.rgb);

	#ifndef HDR
	gl_FragColor.rgb = toneMap(gl_FragColor.rgb);
	gl_FragColor.rgb = gammaCorrectOutput(gl_FragColor.rgb);
gl_FragColor.a = 1.0;


From there you can find the right shader chunk to override. Usually I search with the name of the method the Playcanvas engine repo to quickly find the right shader file, to get the name of the shader chunk.

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