Setting project wide cubemap for materials


is there a way to set the cubemap for all materials to a specific cubemap without doing them individually?

im doing reflective matrerials and the cubemap in the project/rendering settings doesnt affect materials, unless im doing something wrong.

Hi @Will_Viewtek,

Yes sure, instead of using the Environment channel to add the cubemap per material individually, you can add the cubemap to your project Settings in the Rendering tab as a Skybox:

That cubemap will now affect all Physical materials in the scene.

Edit: I missed your comment that you tried that. Normally it should work and actually this is the default way of doing it (check the Model Viewer starter kit).

Can you share a sample project or a screen grab of your materials setup to check what may be wrong?

Got it, you are almost there, on your cubemap asset press Prefilter.

This will bake the lighting information and enable PBR lighting on this cubemap.

Wonderful, all sorted thank you.

i knew i was missing something

is the resolution of the prefilter based on the cube map image size?

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Yes, it uses the resolution of source image sizes. Here is the prefilter method as implemented in the engine (the editor uses the same method):

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cool, thankyou