SetlocalEularAngles is only rotating the mesh but not the collider

Hey! I’m new to the play canvas. I was going through my 1st project (the default project by play canvas) while playing with the project, I tried to rotate one of the platform using script using setLocalEularAngle but I see some weird behavior, it seems like only the mesh is rotating but not the collider.
Can someone help me with this issue. I have attached my script with this topic.

var MyScript = pc.createScript('myScript');


// initialize code called once per entity
MyScript.prototype.initialize = function() {


// update code called every frame
MyScript.prototype.update = function(dt) {
this.platform.setLocalEulerAngles(30, 45, 60);

is there some how i can shar you the project.

rigidbody.teleport(vec3.pos, vec.3rot)

@Abhinav_K Please have a look to the rigid body settings for the object. This setting must be changed to either Dynamic or Kinematic depending on your application. You can also share the project by just copying the URL when in the editor as long as your project setting are set to public.

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thank you for the support I was able to solve the problem with help of @Newbie_Coder

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