Set the center of a UIScrollview

i need to use a scrollview to display an overly large image and sroll through this. Now i need to zoom in and out.
While i got the zooming working the contentview has its pivot upper left. For nice zooming i need to to have the pivot at the mouseposition or, on two finger touch input at the middle of the two input positions. So it seems, either, i change the pivot somehow programmatically or i need to set the scroll position of the scrollview. However, there doesn´t seam to be a method to do so according to the docs:

What is the proper way to do this? Seems pretty basic to me but i can´t find the methods.

thanks in advance,

The pivot is used to position the element in relation to its anchor point so changing it at run time while keeping it’s position is not straight forward.

I don’t know how you are currently doing it, but this sounds like a camera transformation then something to do on the element itself.

Depending on your needs, I be more tempted to have the screen entity in world space and use the controls from the orbit camera template, just without the rotation.

If you do still want to change the pivot position, you want to do this on the element component