Scrolling zoom not working on chrome


I have a minor issue here this time, nothing big but it’s making me wonder why it’s happening…

If I’m using google chrome I can’t zoom in or out using the mouse wheel… I’m currently using the Alt + Right Click shortcut, but it would be nice to be able to scroll once again…

Could it be a bug or is it something wrong with my PC/Browser?

I can’t reproduce this on my end. Does the same thing happen in Firefox? Does the same thing happen in Chrome Canary?

Yeah, a friend of mine tested out and it seems to be a problem here in my PC =(

I’ll try Chrome Canary

Are you saying your computer only exhibits problem with the scroll wheel in PlayCanvas content? Or does it happen with any other content or applications?

In Playcanvas… I’m not sure but it might be in any webgl content actually, haven’t tested it yet…

I ended up using Opera to keep working on my project