Scrolling UI in WebXR

Hello. I am new to Playcanvas and aam currently trying to understand if I can work around with WebXR.
I have a problem with the scrollview UI in playcanvas which doesn’t seem to work in the AR space - like I am unable to slide in either directions. However, it works just about fine before the AR space is instantiated (landing paage). I have added a button in 3D space near the spawned object which opens a 2D screen with scrollview which doesn"t scroll.

Could someone please help me with this? I am also failry new with writing codes. Here is the link to the project: WebXR AR Starter Kit - PLAYCANVAS


Hi @Sudhir_Ambasana and welcome,

I’m not sure what the issue may be (and I can reproduce, your scrollbar isn’t working when the XR session starts), I know that scrollviews did have some issues in VR in the past which were fixed here: XR session requests stencil buffer by mvaligursky · Pull Request #4038 · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

If you keep having trouble, try opening an issue on the engine repo about it.

Hey @Leonidas
Thank you for writing back. I will go through this.

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