Scroll view content showing outside of viewport

I created a project based on this one: Dynamic UI Scroll View | Learn PlayCanvas

In mine however, the elements in my scroll view continue to ‘exist’ outside of the viewport. Here’s a video showing what I mean. Note that the white area is the exact size as the viewport and scrollview container.

Looking for suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks!

Difficult to tell without seeing the setup. From the video, it looks like some elements are not under the mask? Or not on the same layer as the mask?

Can you share an example public project please?

What mask? :slight_smile:

I didn’t intentionally setup a mask. Can you point out in the tutorial where that’s created?

Gotcha; that property was already set, so it must have copied over from the original.

How do I go about putting elements ‘under’ the mask? My logic is this:

  • My Viewport has a content entity with an element
  • Script runs and clones a template, then adds that cloned entity to the content like this: this.content.addChild(clonedItem)

If you can post a public project version of this, it would really help see the setup/debug