Script isn't working

We have copied a script and need help fixing it for our game.
Link: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

when you post a topic with problem, please describe the problem with more detailed information.

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Not sure I can. There are a bunch of errors in our scripts and we just need to know how to fix them.

What errors are you getting? Open the Developer Console in your browser and send a screenshot of the errors. I tried your project and just saw an error for a missing texture. That shouldn’t be a serious problem maybe you have a material referencing a deleted texture. Are you seeing something else?

I’m on an iPad. The errors are in the scripts.

I’m not able to do the error check coz if i run it in firefox i got a [playcanvas-stable.js:0]: Script error.
in microsoft edge it work but don’t know how the debug works (always hated everything that has microsoft in the name)