Script attributes are getting null

Hi Team,
Here we are facing some null issue with the script attributes , we have added couple of attributes to our script but during run time few script attributes are getting null even we have parsed the attributes and assigned proper values as well in the editor
Could someone please help us with this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @yaswanth,

So I can help you, could you provide a bit more info?

  • Do you receive any console errors?
  • Could you share the script being affected by this issue?

Hello @poliveira ,
Thanks for responding.
Here i am attaching the logs saying script attri issue-1 & script attri issue-2.
script attri issue-1 - It is in initialize block , showing all attributes properly
script attri issue-2 - It is during run time , missing few attributes values as poolSideArea and rootAttr attributes are getting null
So far we are not updating those attributes through code to null

@yaswanth Would you be able to share the project, it’s hard to check without a reproducible