Scene Restoration

I made a mistake and deleted a scene from my project but not before downloading the project into a zip. Is there a way to restore that scene considering I have a folder build?

Hi @aperez440,

Sadly you can’t import the entity hierarchy and scene settings from a build archive.

If it’s only a handful of entities and you are ok in doing it manually, then you can open the [sceneId].json file (e.g. 345639.json) that is in the root of your build. It will contain all scene entities together with their components, so you can recreate them one after the other in editor.

That’s what I expected. Thanks Leonidas. A pleasure as always.

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If you have a lot of entities and doing it by hand is not an option, you could try and learn how to execute editor scripts in the browser console.

That way you could read the JSON data, loop through it and recreate the entities. For the components you can do the same, though it can be a bit harder learning to do that.

This thread contains info on how to get started with that, it may be old but most of the things are still the same. Note the editor API is unofficial and not supported, so be careful when using it (there is work in progress to release an official supported version):

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