Scene ID required for REST download

I thought I’d create an extension for Microsoft Azure DevOps that would give easy access to download an application from playcanvas and easily add it to a build pipeline. Since I last wrote a node module to do this, it seems the REST API has been updated to now require a scene id to be provided when requesting the download.

If I look at the documentation ( the documentation for the ‘scenes’ parameter is written “A list of scene ids to be included in the app. When you specify scenes then the first scene in the list will be used as the initial scene of the application.”, the phrasing of which suggests the option is there to not specify the scene id

if I try to leave the ‘scenes’ parameter out, I get a ‘scenes: missing value’ error.
If I supply an empty array I get a ‘scenes: should contain scene ids’ error.

Whilst I think being able to specify the scenes to be included is a useful one, I also think it would be better to have the option of not specifying any (and getting the default scene) or specifying ‘all’ to get all of them, as well as supplying a list. Really, though, I think the scenes contained in a package should be a part of the application configuration within the editor. With the ability to provide an alternative list (optionally), should the author of the download utility desire.

Although I can force the user to specify a scene for each pipeline, that just doesn’t seem like the correct place to me.

I’m also getting an ‘Invalid plan’ error in my tests, which I thought shouldn’t be the case (I believe it is a full organisation). But I will follow up on that when people are back from the holiday period.

Anyway, Happy New Year :slight_smile: