Scene 3D 70% and Scene 2D 30%


How can i do the Scene 3D to be 70% width from the screen and the 2d screen to be 30% width from the screen. Like in the photo.

Thank you

Hi @Daniel_B,

From what I gather you are using HTML/CSS for your UI right?

You will have to use some CSS on both containers to split them like that on scene. Here is an example using Flexbox:


If the UI is rendered in PlayCanvas and not HTML the two routes I would consider are:

  • Render the 3D scene to a texture and use an image element on the UI to show the scene to the user

Thank You, @yaustar and @Leonidas, the question was for 2D UI but leonidas give me a Good ideea with html and CSS and i will try that.

Thank You very much!