Scale, translate and rotation in AR enviroment

What I’m trying to do is to move, scale e rotate an entity with the touch using the AR Camera. All this without the marker, what I mean by this is to activate the AR Camera but use the touchInput script of the other normal Camera. I’d like to know if this is possible.

Thank you so much for your help

What do you mean by touch input while in AR?

You can detect touches while in AR but you are limited to taps and holds due to the Google Cardboard setup. These can be detected in AR ‘mode’.


All I’m doing with the Camera enitity is using the background of the real camera and spawn object on the screen, therefore I’m not using the marker recognition. After I’ve done this I need to move, scale and rotate the entity spawned like I’m using the normal camera with his script touchInput

Sorry, I read this as VR not AR.

Disregard my last post.

Yes, you can scale, translate and rotate entities in AR as you would do normally.

However, the code you are showing is from the model viewer and is actually moving the camera, not the model entity.

Could you please help me with some code or tips? I don’t know where to start using the touch input

Hi @yaustar I tried in different ways to move the object with touch input with no result. Is there any project or any script that shows how to do that?


My ‘fixed’ version of it here: