☑ Scale problem (VR related)

Hello! I am testing playcanvas from few days mainly to get familiar with the WebVr capabilities and playcanvas generally. And I stumbled on some strange scale problems when importing fbx files that are exported from 3ds max. I have setup the units to be 1 unit - 1 meter and everything else seems to be correct. But when I import the model and view it with Htc Vive the scale is wrong. I am curious if its the 3d object that has wrong scale or its something related with the Vive or I am doing things wrong.
Here is the link of the project if someone wants to double check stuffs: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
Thanks in advance!

It looks like that room is around 7m x 5m in the Editor. Does it match what you see in Max?

Scale looks fine to me:

That selected entity is placed at a height of 1.75. Which is maybe the height of the average person.

Yes, I was mislead by that the position of the Vive was too high (I began with the VR template). So for a test I created a new blank project, implemented the scripts and now its working as intended. Thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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