Save feature is not defining variables. need help

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice in my previous posts. But I still need help.
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I need some serious help, all of a player’s info in my game is stored in the variables near the top of the script. But when the ‘save’ button is clicked, I get an error saying that the variables are not defined. What am I doing wrong?

I seem these variables are disposed after constructing objects.
how about code below ?

   // Creates a new PlayerData instance
    var PlayerData = function (entity) {
        this.entity = entity;
        // Player Stats and general information:
        this.PlayerName = 'no name';
        this.PlayerStrength = 1;
        this.PlayerDefense = 1;
        this.PlayerLevel = PlayerStrength + PlayerDefense;
        // The variables for the items in the player's inventory:
        // hum, it seems u should use Array for InventorySlot...
        this.InventorySlot1 = 'no item';
        this.InventorySlot2 = 'no item';
        this.InventorySlot3 = 'no item';
        this.InventorySlot4 = 'no item';
        this.InventorySlot5 = 'no item';
        this.InventorySlot6 = 'no item';
        // The variables for the armor the player is wearing:
        this.ArmorHead = 'no item';
        this.ArmorBody = 'no item';
        this.ArmorLegs = 'no item';
        this.ArmorFeet = 'no item';

later on I will make the game multiplayer. Will this code work in a way to where the player’s inventory items are only in that player’s invenotry slots? Or will this effect all players?

These variables are available in ‘this’ object.
If you prepare PlayerData array for multiplayer mode, they’ll work indipendent.

you should learn ‘focus and lifetime’, it 'll be support your game architecture designing.

how can I make the inventory an array?

CodeAcademy has good explanation to work with JS Arrays:

I recommend you go through whole tutorial.