Sample Scenes Lightmap & Particle Lighting


Could someone maybe quickly bash together a Demo Scene for

-Lit particles



I put two test scenes here:

Particle Lighting works only with directional light.

In the Lightmap Scene you see, well, you see that the Lightmap isn’t showing up. So if anyone could figure out why, that would be great!



So there was actually a bug in the lightmapping shader. This has just been fixed and deployed.

Check out this example scene:

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Nice! Now my lightmap testscene works as well!

Brilliant news, mate! Sorry this bug wasn’t spotted earlier and thanks for encouraging us to get it resolved! It’s worth keeping an eye on the GitHub repository for the engine to see when certain fixes get made and when new features arrive. Here’s the lightmapping fix, for example:

You can even raise engine bugs there too!

Thanks for the quick turnaround on this fix!

PS: I do look at GitHub, expecially for the PBR stuff. It’s still difficult to tell when the engine changes are deployed to the Designer. Also, you guys have Github, this Forum as well as answers, which feels quite fragemented. That’s why I suggested to consolidate those Consolidate forum and answers?

The engine is updated in Designer whenever you see a commit message of the form:


For example:

GitHub is GitHub - we can’t consolidate that with anything really. Whether we merge Answers and the Forum or just move Answers to StackOverflow is still to be decided. We’ll see. :smile: