Safari doesn´t load in compiled version of a project

Hello guys! I am having an issue when loading some specific projects in Safari. It randomly happens in some devices (including iOS and MacOS) and we do not understand the exact reason. We have been testing for a while deleting specific folders and recompiling, using different servers and even using the wto engine versions available right now. No way…

Here is the link to the project itself: NEINOR - Hacienda Rental Homes

Thanks in advance to this great community! :slight_smile:

Hey, have you tried checking the VRAM size of the overall project? In most cases for IOS devices, the project doesn’t work due to the large VRAM size or if the application is taking too much time to load. For now, the loading size is close to 50 MB which isn’t that large so maybe the issue is in the VRAM size.

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Looking at the VRAM usage on Chrome, it’s using >500MB of VRAM which is generally more than what the iPhone can handle.

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Thank you very much guys. I am going to investigate in that direction.