Rotating object towards other object

Hello, is anybody here who knows how to rotate object1 towards object2?

You might find the answer here:

If by “rotate toward” you mean to “point at”, then you might find this simple project useful to look at.

Note that one of the cubes is parented to a “null” object and that null object is what gets rotated/pointed. This was done so that you can rotate the attached cube so that any part of it will point toward the target cone.

Simple lookat would work, but my question is… is lookat ignored when rigidbody angular factor is set all to 0?

That sound great too, might try it though

One common approach is to decouple a model and its physical representation. You can add a model as a child to your objec1 entity. You would then apply a lookAt on the model, and not the object1.

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