Roadmap and priority features

I was searching online for a roadmap, or a priority list of features planned/pending, but I can’t find it.
would be nice to see what is planned or more requested, so more developers could also contribute by starting some new pending feature

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GitHub is the best place to find this information:

There are pull requests and branches that are currently being worked on as well as a list of issues that are pending.

GitHub is good for bug tracking but is not the best to show a roadmap and to “vote” for features. You have to dig between bugs of last 4 years, never fixed or closed (maybe they are not applicable to the current version anymore).

Also, I’m new to Playcanvas, and I postponed the choice for many months to move from Unity, because of many missing features, and I wasn’t able to foresee what and when something would have been added.
I decided to give it a try but is a high risk for someone to learn a completely new engine and environment, if it’s missing a clear view of the project. (maybe the view exists, but I can’t find it by reading the bug reports in Github)
It could be that many more developers could start using Playcanvas if they see more easily what is going on.


trello might be useful for a play canvas roadmap