Rigidbody not translating with entity

Hello! I have a model that is using the translateLocal function. But when I gave it a rigidbody it did not move with it. Can anybody help?

@PhilipJeffrey I can’t really see what exactly what you are doing in your project but maybe this helps. Could you try to change the rigidbody to Kinematic? I can only make a guess here.


EDIT: I agree with @Albertos. Here is the other option he is talking about.



The suggestion of @Tirk182 will probably solve your problem. Please note that a kinematic rigidbody doesn’t respond to other rigidbodies. If you need a dynamic rigidbody, you need to move an entity by adding a force to the rigidbody of the entity.



Thank you so much! This helped!

Hmm? So I made it so when the player touches the enemy the player will respawn and so will the enemy. They both respawn but for some reason the enemy stops moving.

How do you respawn the entities? Can you share the editor link of your project?

I respawned the entity like how you showed in this forum.