RigidBody/Collision not working

Hey, I just heard of this engine around an hour ago on Replit and I wanted to try and learn for myself. I was using this tutorial: Create a Space Shooter With PlayCanvas: Part 1 when I got stuck on practically the first step. I added both collision and rigidbody to the project (with dynamic on) and when I tapped launch, the box wouldn’t fall. I’ve been searching through the forums to see if anything works, but nothing’s helped so far. Could I have some help…? Project link: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Hi @Unaynin and welcome! If you click on your box entity, you will see the warning below on some components. Can you please try to import the Ammo module to see if that solves your problem?


You can find more information about the Ammo module on the page below.