Right way to calculate the load times for a PlayCanvas App

Hello Everyone,
I have been using different methods like starting a counter during the preload screen and then getting the duration to the application load complete events from that point as a solution for a while now but I was just wondering if there is something available in the playcanvas API that holds some common information like time taken to load the app, time spent on the app, etc.

Any help would be appreciated

What’s the context for this?

Normally I use Chrome Devtools (with a fixed network profiler) and the performance profiler to measure this.

PlayCanvas doesn’t have any internal stats for this so if you did need to measure this, you would have to add it yourself. There are some private events that are fired from the app object that you could hook into if you dig into the engine source code.

Sorry about that. I should have mentioned the context here. This is mostly for Analytics, but based on what you have mentioned already, doesn’t look like we have anything to get this data from playcanvas?

Ah, I see. No, there isn’t anything internal for that with PlayCanvas.

Should be easy enough to measure listening to public and private PlayCanvas Application events though.

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Agree, that’s what I am doing at the moment.
I think it might be a good side project for me to make a library of these small but useful information in Playcanvas :slight_smile:

Thank you Steven!!

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