Right Click HTC Vive Controller : Artist asking for a busy coder

How is everyone setting a Right Click working on the Vive Controller?

I am an artist asking for a super busy deadline facing coder :slight_smile:

We are doing a Play Canvas project with the HTC Vive and everything works great, super quick, teleport works fantastic and the frame rate is really good.

Also BTW:
Just bought a Gear VR for home. Is there a quick way to load Firefox with Play Canvas VR projects or a preferred browser in the Gerar VR environment?


What do you mean by ‘Right Click’? The Vive controllers are detected as gamepads so you would be able to detect any of the buttons being pressed as independent buttons.

Not with Firefox but you can with the Samsung browser. You should be able to navigate to the site via the ‘VR’ internet browser when you have the headset on.

Thanks again,
He figured it out, turns out selecting an object by pixel to change it’s texture isn’t possible with the Vive,

We have to break the meshes up,
used to work with Right click mouse in the non VR version.

I will try that with the Gear, thanks!!