RFID reader for smarphone

Hello, is it possible to create a program with javascript that read an RFID code from a smartphone?

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There is no native support for RFID in the web.
In terms of specifics, are you talking NFC here, or actual RFID?

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Hi Max, i don’t know much what the difference is, i just was looking for a passive chip that was able to send a signal that the phone can receive and so make a program that can act according to the chip id

You probably are talking about NFC.
NFC passive chip can have simple URL’s, so by touching phone to it, will offer to open browser url. Url can contain query arguments or anything else. So as it being a web, you can access this query and do anything you want within that page.

Although there is no way in the web to get NFC events from javascript with already open browser.

But with an app? And the phone need to touch? or just being in proximity will work?

Read up online, such as here: http://www.androidauthority.com/what-is-nfc-270730/
If there is a native wrapper around a PlayCanvas app, you can implement native functionality to deal with NFC and expose some js api.
If you use some existing wrappers, such as PhoneGap for example or any other, they usually have API’s already to access NFC API from js.

Thanks max you helped a lot, i will try something and see if it work.

Hello again, do u think this can be of any help? I still have to finish reading it