Return to navigation after external link

Greetings, i have an issue with playcanvas, i’ll try to explain: i did a project wich run pretty well on browser. Anyway, when i click in a button wich redirect to a video and then come back to navigation (from mobile) playcanvas doesn’t load graphic. It load only this frame and if i want to navigate, i have to reload the whole page.

Any advice? Thank u.

what should it look like?
(just wondering if it is loaded but maybe the lighting is black - which is something we might know about)

It is a showroom. Btw it seems to be a problem of my Android device, wich reload a page when not using Chrome. I am looking for a solution

Odd, I’ve not seen this before. Normally the previous page refreshes

Is there a repro/example that you can provide that repros the issue

I can record the mobile during navigation and post here, may it help?

A repro is needed to see if there are any errors in the dev console when you navigate back. Also, there may be some nuances involved that a video won’t show

As in, can you provide a project that shows the issue and the list the steps needed to show the issue

button tween succeed only first time.
thank you

Fixed the tween not working multiple times: