'Retire Project' option

I often have the issue of running out of space on my PlayCanvas account due to having made a lot of projects with many assets.

It would be cool to have a ‘Retire Project’ option in each projects settings which would delete everything (assets, materials, etc) except the published packages and hosted scripts (so I can still use the scripts for learning and still play this project through the published package).

You’re currently on the old PRO5 plan. This has a storage limit of 500MB. However, last month, we announced new plans. For the same price, you can switch to a Personal plan, which has 1GB storage and unlimited private projects. Making the switch should solve your problem and not cost a penny/cent more. :smile:

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Well twice as much storage for the same price is certainly something I can get behind :stuck_out_tongue:
I shall change my plan then

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