Retina quality assets


We use your awesomeness for mobile advertising. Often we like to have assets that are optimized for retina screens ( HD, scaled x2 ). We were wondering if there is anything special we need to do to ensure that the resolution of our assets is maintained as HD. Outside of the various compression based options I dont see anything that would specifically affect resolution so am assuming that our assets retain their original properties when used as textures.

Any insight/wisdom you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


What issues are you having at the moment? Do you have or can create an example project to show the issues that you are having?

Without knowing the above, the two things I be looking at are:

Do you have Device Pixel Resolution set?

Are your textures large enough for retina screens?

We’re not having an issue, Im just trying to get better understanding to be sure we are delivering the quality we think we are.

We are using “Device Pixel Resolution”, and defaults for “Intensity” and “Mip”.

In my tests it seemed the imagery was crisp/clean and it didnt seem like the engine was doing anything to the asset itself. I was mainly asking in case there was a definitive, “Yes, this is how you should handle retina display” or “No, we cant guarantee retina quality” type of answer.

If we run into any specific issues I’ll post back in. Much appreciate the response and sounds like we are not losing anything when we downscale retina assets.

Thanks Yaustar!

Ah, I see. The biggest factor is definitely ‘Device Pixel Resolution’ being enabled/disabled. IIRC, with it being enabled, you are rendering to the physical resolution of the screen and it being disabled, it is being rendered at the logical resolution (which is usually lower with modern smartphones).

However, when enabled it impacts performance due to fill rate and you may see your framerate drop depending on how complex the scene is.

TL;DR: Retina is supported via ticking ‘Device Pixel Resolution’ but comes with performance consideration.

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+1 for @yaustar’s comments - I would add that using Device Pixel Ratio might mean that you will be rendering at 2X or 3X the number of pixels depending on the phone. If you want to limit that you can do it in code by setting = desiredNumber.