Resize Video texture or a plane primitive

I uploaded a video in to playcanvas and it’s playing as a texture on a plane. How can I resize a plane without distorting the video in Editor?

Second question

How can I resize a video texture in Editor which will allow portions of the video to go off the plane (view)?

Set the scale so it’s in the same aspect ratio as the video. The easiest way to do this is to set the plane at the same scale as the video aspect ratio. Eg if the video is 16:9, then set the scale of the plane at X = 1.6 and Y = 0.9. Then you can use the central scale handle to scale uniformly.


As in overscan?

Thanks for replying. Yes on the over scan and Can I resize a plane with a video texture in one dimension without distorting the video? I want to use this as a tool to crop an image

Well, not easily. The way I’m thinking of is to change the UV coordinates of the mesh or the material (by changing the offset and tiling). But that would only work if you want the texture to be ‘larger’ than the plane. Not 100% sure what would happen if you make it smaller than the mesh (would it tile or clamp?)

Thanks yaustar that worked GREAT for resizing the video without distortion (making it larger or smaller).

Do you know if editor has the option to resize a plane (primitive) in one direction without distorting the video (a crop option)?

No it doesn’t. You have to do this manually with changing the materials UV offset and tiling.