☑ Request touch code be added to entity picking tutorial

Hello PlayCanvas,

I appreciate the recently updated entity picking tutorial code. Would it be possible to have this updated again to include touch-based controls? Currently it only responds to mouse clicking. This is the tutorial I’m referring to:

Thanks for your consideration with this. It would be a huge help to me.


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Thanks Steven. Unfortunately, it’s not working on the iPad. I just played the updated tutorial on my iPad-Mini (with most recent iOS) and it does not respond to touch. I did try some of the other PlayCanvas touch tutorials and they did work, just not the one for entity picking. Any suggestions?

Thanks again,

Should be fixed now. It was a code mistake on my part and I only tested on Android forgetting that the first touch on Android also fires a mouse down event as well so it ‘worked’ during testing.

Thanks Steven. It works great. This is a huge help and I’m very grateful for the update.