Rendering issues in 1.56.0

Please take a look at the project here:

Here are images comparing the working version (in engine 1.55.4) and how it looks in the new engine (1.56.0):

It looks the skybox went missing, the lighting is incorrect and the rainy surface overlay in front of my camera seems to make the whole scene look hazy, leading me to assume the material/shader doesn’t work as expected.

If I have done anything wrong on my part, please let me know, but to me it looks like there are problems with the new engine itself.

This is not a problem as long as I can still select engine 1.55.4, but I’m afraid it will become obsolete at some point, so I’m a little worried. Are these known bugs that will be fixed, or do I have to update the project to make it compatible with the new engine?

EDIT: The issues seem to stem from the refraction.js script I use on the camera. Not sure how to resolve this issue, though.

The refraction chunks was affected in the release of 1.56: Shader Chunk Migrations | Learn PlayCanvas

Most likely related to this issue as we are no longer using refractionPS


Awesome, thank you very much for the quick reply and solution. I updated it and now it looks like it should again!