Render Component not visible for entity

We’ve a project which we have been working on since 2 weeks. The point when render component was released in the editor. So, we’ve started using Render component.

A couple of days back, when we see our old entities, (which were imported during the first week of project), we could not find the Render component in the entity panel. But when we add a new model to our scene, it is showing for that properly. But we are not able to access the render component properties in the editor for the old models. If we try to add the render component for the old ones, it is showing as disabled. Everything is working fine, but we are unable to change/access the properties of render component.
Old Model

New Model

We’ve also observed that, when we select a new model and enable lightmapped for the render component, then even the new model’s render component disappears.

Looks like a bug with our Editor/Engine:

I’ve created a ticket and repro case here:

We will have someone look into this


We have a fix for this, and are planning to release an engine patch with this today.