Remote Loading of Template Resources

Hi, I need to load some templates remotely from a server. Is this possible, or do I need to remotely load the individual parts (models, materials, scripts etc) separately and then somehow reconstruct the templates from these parts at runtime?

Is there a best practice?


Hi @Grimmy,

In general loading templates on runtime isn’t recommended. Check this post it may be of help: Create & Edit Templates at Runtime - #6 by yaustar

Thanks for this. So It looks like I need to construct my object from the various parts? How fine do I need to go?

Can I just import a glb and hierarchy and materials are handled for me or do I need to create a hierarchy of entities manually and assign the various meshes/ materials to each.

Essentially I just want to load a glb or fbx from a remote server (that’s not a big ask) but this model might contain multiple materials and a hierarchy of meshes within it so how would I get that into Playcanvas as a new entity (doesn’t have to be a template)?

Is there an easy way?

See this example how you load glb at runtime and instantiate an entity hierarchy using instantiateRenderEntity

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