Released: Orestis 3D Pathfinding

Are Recast and Detour only used for generating Navigation Mesh? If the meshes are pre-generated, do I have to use them on my release build?
I have to use fallback JS build and 848KB is pretty big for my projects.

Recast is used to generated the navmesh, and detour is used for pathfinding.

Right now you can’t use your own navigation meshes. When Recast produces the navmesh it isn’t only a poly-soup, it contains cells/islands information used by Detour, so they have to be used together.

Indeed this is an advanced and complex pathfinding solution, it may not be suited for all kinds of projects.

PS The download size for the fallback script is 215KB.

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What do you mean the download size for the fallback script?

Web servers that support gZIP compression can compress resources before sending them to the users for downloading. As soon as the resource is received the browser is responsible for decompressing it.

That is the case with any PlayCanvas hosted build and you should enable in your own server if you are self hosting.

If you check the network tab in the browser debug tools, you will see a smaller download size for many resources that are getting downloaded.

So the fallback script is 848KB on disk, but when downloaded via a web server that supports gZIP compression for text/js files it’s 215KB.

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Thank you so much @Leonidas!

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Hi, i am also looking for a current documentation (we purchased yesterday and i got rather confused when trying to inspect the demoproject and comparing it with the docs)

Hi @Marjan, I’ve sent you a PM.