Released: Ermis Special Effects 2.0

A collection of post process effects for PlayCanvas to boost the visual quality of your desktop application.

You will get access to a single PlayCanvas script that includes a post process effects suite:

  • Scalable Ambient Occlusion
  • God Rays
  • Depth of Field.

See them in action here (desktop only).


  • Increased performance, especially when using combination of effects. A parser organizes the effects to minimize the number of render operations to avoid the performance penalty when doing pass chaining.
  • A single script with simple on/off switches for the effects and additional optional settings scripts for any effect to override the default configuration.
  • Improved quality and less artifacts.
  • WebGL1 fallbacks where WebGL2 isn’t supported.

Get them here:


Hi Leonidas,

We bought this pack last week, but we’ve yet to find out how to let the Settings actually affect the script. Adding both ermisSpecialEffects and ermisEffectSAOSettings to the Camera entity and assigning the camera to the script does allow us to see the AO effect, but adjusting the parameters on the settings script does not seem to affect anything during runtime. How to wire these scripts up?

Hmm, weird. Nevermind! I think what fixed it was to add all the Settings scripts, but it all seems to work now


That’s the proper way to do this, though I am not able to reproduce this.

Edit: just saw your followup reply, great, enjoy!

By the way you can have the scripts combo attached to any entity in your project, not on the camera necessarily. You just need, as you found, to reference the Camera entity.

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A new minor update has been released to fix a weird direction rendering bug for SAO, in WebGL 2.0. Thanks @FORM for pointing that out.



Get them here:

We’ve just published an arch vis demo as well (desktop only):


A new minor release has just been published, including a number of requested features:


  • Added a boolean field to automatically turn the effects off on mobile devices.
  • Improved the DOF debug mode.
  • Added a debug mode for SAO.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Performance improvements.

Thanks for the quick help!

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A new version of the effects has been released, introducing a gallery of filmic effects for various camera/game types:

Effects added, v2.2.0:

  • Chromatic Vignette
  • Chromatic Aberration
  • Sharpen
  • Film Grain
  • Pixelate
  • Grayscale

All effects are being rendered in the same single pass making them also mobile friendly (medium to high performance phones/tablets). They can be easily combined and tweaked to work together, except sharpen and pixelate (can’t imagine a use of those two together :slight_smile: ).

Demo links:

Get the effects here:

And here is a video of the chromatic aberration animation (shaking):


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Motion blur has landed to the Ermis Effects suite, a camera based effect. The speed vector is being calculated from the depth buffer making the effect execute in a single pass.


  • Camera based motion blur added, a single pass effect.

Live demo: Ermis Special Effects - Motion Blur

Get the effects here:

awesome effects. are there plans to make them work on mobile using WebGL 1?

Hi @yapdakilla, thank you!

The effects in their 2.0 version do work in WebGL 1.

But post process effects are mostly too heavy to be usable on mobile. You might get away with some of the filmic effects on high end phones but I’d say that is as far as it can get.

New release for the Ermis Special Effects:


  • Adaptive Eye effect added.
  • Bug fixes on Motion Blur.
  • God rays light culling bug fixed.
  • Performance improvements.

Demo updated (desktop only):

Available here:


New maintenance release for the Ermis Special Effects:


  • Bug fixes on Adaptive Eye
  • Performance improvements

Available here:

New build available:


  • Improvements on Adaptive Eye setup
  • Fixed sizing issue on God Rays effect on displays with high pixel ratio ( > 1)

Available here:

With the latest performance optimizations several of the effects perform adequately on high end mobile devices. Here a video running on an iPhone 10, all effects enabled except SAO.

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New maintenance release for the Ermis Special Effects:


  • Fixed: Some effects didn’t properly render when only a single effect was selected.

Available here:

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For a limited time Ermis Special Effects are on sale, price is 30% down.

Available here:

Here is a pic with the effects running on top of a lightmapped scene.