Released: Apollo Auto Dimensions

Easily add beautiful and customizable CAD style dimensions to your 3D scene.

An easy to use system that renders dimension lines using 3D objects and Playcanvas UI elements.

Click here to see them in action!


  • Point to point dimension line.
  • Length/Width/Height dimension lines based on the model’s combined bounding box.
  • Editor properties to customize the style of each dimension line individually.
  • All dimension elements use standard Playcanvas materials, providing full PBR rendering (dimensions, if required, can even cast shadows!).
  • No coding is required to setup, easy to use drag and drop scripts.
  • Full source code is provided, in a complete Playcanvas project with an example scene.

Get it here:


Hello, this looks very useful, but unfortunately it has been discontinued. Do you know of a similar method or plugin?

Hi @henry_tang,

This is currently reworked to get added to our broader Solar Tools collection (

The existing version is functional and we still offer licenses, reach out with a DM and I’ll let you know if you are interested.