Reflection probes, anyone have a good solution?

Wondering if anyone has made progress with reflection probes in Play Canvas?

For what I know reflection probes are not just cubemaps, but are pre-generated or realtime-generated cubemaps based on scene contents. Plus they are automatically applied (and blended) based on the position of the dynamic objects.

I am using cubemaps currently in Play Canvas, but they are not able to reflect what’s really going on in a scene.
Looking for something that would update when there are texture changes in a scene.

I am used to reflection probes in Unity and Unreal so was hoping someone had made some progress with making something similar for Play Canvas.

I’ve seen a few posts on the forum, but hadn’t found something to try yet.

Yeah, I know a few people were trying and Play Canvas had mentioned probes of some sort at one point.
Was just hopeful some one had made progress :slight_smile: