Record Screen of WebAR Scene and share result

Hello there!

Does somebody know if its possible to record the screen and share the result via social sharing function for PlayCanvas WebAR applications on mobile browsers?

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Hi @Question2u and welcome,

From the PlayCanvas side there isn’t any API to do that, so this comes down if it’s possible to render both the WebGL canvas and the WebXR camera session.

I feel it should be possible one way or another, here is relevant discussion I’ve found: Is it possible to record a webXR AR canvas · Issue #1106 · immersive-web/webxr · GitHub

Hi Leonidas,

thanks for your reply. Indeed i havent found a solution, except the (MediaRecorder) library from 8thWall. I will try this out - but i think it would be awesome if there would be more options / alternatives for projects, which arent made with the 8thWall framework. Its powerful but not cheap for own projects.

I’ll check your reference post too. Thanks again!

There was this recently that could perhaps be useful here: WebXR screen mirroring

Hi Mvaligursky,

thank you too for your reply - i will also take a look into your suggestion.

Best regards!