React/Vue/Angular for the html UI rendering anyone?

I’m building a relatively complex HTML/CSS/JS UI within playcanvas.
Essentially a Furniture Catalog with categories, search bar, detailed view, review/ratings etc.
With an “Add to scene” button, which on clicking would add the associated 3D model of the furniture to scene.

Outside of Playcanvas I’d probably use something like React and associated libraries to do it.
But within playcanvas it feels a little handicapped to just use vanilla js, html and css.

So my question is has anyone used any web frameworks like above within playcanvas to display UI ? or at the least worked with some UI based library so that we don’t reinvent the wheel.

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I use from time to time Angular/Ionic imported in the editor and rendered on top of the PlayCanvas canvas element. It works quite well.

You can check this integration tutorial and there is an example project together: